Artist Statement 2016

The world is noisy, chaotic, beautiful, fascinating. I’m compelled by the threads of harmony amidst the cacophony of life.

I was raised to appreciated things handmade and my family practiced woodworking, knitting, and ceramics. The symmetry, rich colors and intricate patterns of my great-grandparents’ hand-woven Sarouk Persian carpet that I played on as a child would foster in me a love of art and design.

My paintings and drawings are meditations, an attempt at quieting the bombardment of stimuli and intently listening. Individual elements in my work have unique voices and I respond to the conflict created when they are placed side by side. Like a peacekeeper, I search for points of connection and allow the work to grow organically.

Using thread or leather, I physically tie elements in the work together, paying attention to subtle indications in the forms that suggest binding or cinching. I strive to create the illusion that the composition has grown in response to these constraints, twisting and bending as a result. This thread holds everything together, an attempt at keeping things from falling apart. It’s a Band-Aid. It’s making due and working with what you have.

The act of sewing is the final stage in my process, yet the result suggests that the thread has been present from the beginning, the forms having grown in and around in reaction to its presence. This prompts the question for me, how are our own constraints self-inflicted or imagined?