Current Work

Walker Fine Art, Amalgamated Contemplation, 2017
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2016 provided me with the opportunity to travel unlimited and standby on United Airlines. I spent many hours on shuttles, airplanes and in airport terminals and found that my laptop became my portable studio. It was during my travels that I created this series of digital drawings on photographs taken with my cell phone.

Like airline maps displaying flights and airport hubs, these drawings connect elements that I see as anchor points within the photographs. The digital webs grow like synapses firing within my brain, evoking traditional arts like crochet and Tiffany stained glass, weaving a connection between the past and present.

As a child, I would weave room-sized webs with my mother’s yarn. As an adult I see this symbolic thread holding everything together, an attempt at keeping things from falling apart.




Walker Fine Art, Juxtaposed, 2016
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Vintage designs inspired by my childhood and trompe l’oeil marquetry are painted following the natural grain of the wood panel. I am a bird building nests, working to hold the painting together. Using leather cord I sew each panel and strive to create the illusion that the composition has grown in response to these constraints, twisting and bending as a result.  read more




Denver International Airport, 2016
View the  e-catalogue
Individual elements in my work have unique voices and I respond to the conflict created when they are placed side by side. Like a peacekeeper, I search for points of connection and allow the work to grow organically.




Walker Fine Art, Topiaries, 2015
Exploring the intersection between drawing and needlework, I am a spider weaving elaborate webs.

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