Current Work

Supernatural, 2018

As a child our small, family market caught fire. It didn’t burn to the ground but remained as an abandoned shell on the lot adjacent to our home. I explored the darkened interior and marveled at the transformation caused by heat and flame. A carousel of spray paint stood near the front doors and I would search in semi-darkness for unexploded cans to color the blackened walls. Recent life transitions have caused me to return to fire as an anchoring element. Regularly I build a fire in my backyard and spend time gazing into the flames. I see this act as an artistic practice, one that focuses my thoughts on the energy released through the transformation from blackened, charred wood to white ash. My paintings begin with a black panel. I draw botanical forms, evoking the silvery lines of white ash on a burning piece of wood. Repetitive lines of color emanate from the subject suggesting a radiance or internal glow and I am reminded of the potential energy that exists in all living things.


Fort Collins Museum of Art, Nightshades, 2017
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Utilizing a botanical reference to the family of plants, which for humans are both nourishing and deadly, I am exploring the intersection between drawing and embroidery, chaos and harmony, our interconnectedness and the various emotional meanings of light and dark.

Relationships tie us together. They can feel supportive or constricting, mutually beneficial or destructive depending upon the circumstances. We are responsible to each other and belong to an immense network of life that is interconnected and interdependent. I am interested in celebrating that which makes us unique but more importantly ties us together in the web of humanity.



Walker Fine Art, Amalgamated Contemplation, 2017
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2016 provided me with the opportunity to travel standby on United Airlines. I spent many hours on shuttles, airplanes and in airport terminals and found that my laptop became my portable studio. It was during my travels that I created this series of digital drawings on photographs taken with my cell phone.

Like airline maps displaying flights and airport hubs, these drawings connect elements that I see as anchor points within the photographs. The digital webs grow like synapses firing within my brain, evoking traditional arts like crochet and Tiffany stained glass, weaving a connection between the past and present.

As a child, I would weave room-sized webs with my mother’s yarn. As an adult I see this symbolic thread holding everything together, an attempt at keeping things from falling apart.





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