Current Work

Fort Collins Museum of Art, Nightshades, 2017
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Utilizing a botanical reference to the family of plants, which for humans are both nourishing and deadly, I am exploring the intersection between drawing and embroidery, chaos and harmony, our interconnectedness and the various emotional meanings of light and dark.

Relationships tie us together. They can feel supportive or constricting, mutually beneficial or destructive depending upon the circumstances. We are responsible to each other and belong to an immense network of life that is interconnected and interdependent. I am interested in celebrating that which makes us unique but more importantly ties us together in the web of humanity.



Walker Fine Art, Amalgamated Contemplation, 2017
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2016 provided me with the opportunity to travel standby on United Airlines. I spent many hours on shuttles, airplanes and in airport terminals and found that my laptop became my portable studio. It was during my travels that I created this series of digital drawings on photographs taken with my cell phone.

Like airline maps displaying flights and airport hubs, these drawings connect elements that I see as anchor points within the photographs. The digital webs grow like synapses firing within my brain, evoking traditional arts like crochet and Tiffany stained glass, weaving a connection between the past and present.

As a child, I would weave room-sized webs with my mother’s yarn. As an adult I see this symbolic thread holding everything together, an attempt at keeping things from falling apart.



Walker Fine Art, Juxtaposed, 2016
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Birds’ nests and spiders’ webs reflect my interest both in construction and in the seemingly universal functions of homebuilding. I’m fascinated by these miniature, natural structures that –like us – are influenced by the environment in which they are built. I’m interested in how we carry our ideas of home with us and the environments we choose to create.

Using leather cord I sew each panel and strive to create the illusion that the composition has grown in response to these constraints, twisting and bending as a result. The act of sewing is the final stage in my process, yet the result suggests that the thread has been present from the beginning, the forms having grown in reaction to its presence. This prompts the question for me, “How are our own constraints self-inflicted or imagined?”



Denver International Airport, 2016
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Raised in a family of craftspeople meant growing up in a house perpetually under construction and interrogating the inner workings of things while finding unexpected mash-ups. The look of remodel with mismatched flooring and unfinished walls influenced my aesthetic.

My paintings are meditations, an attempt at quieting the bombardment of stimuli and intently listening. Individual elements in my work have unique voices and I respond to the conflict created when they are placed side by side. Like a peacekeeper, I search for points of connection and allow the work to grow organically.



Walker Fine Art, Topiaries, 2015
Exploring the intersection between drawing and needlework, I am a spider weaving elaborate webs.

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